A storyteller by nature, I've spent the better part of the last fifteen years working in marketing and communications in the tech sector, first for a global e-commerce marketplace and most recently for a B2B SaaS startup.

I love to combine solid writing technique, technical skill, and sound marketing practices to attract, engage, and convert an audience into a community of loyal customers.

I’m currently seeking new opportunities to write stellar marketing and demand gen content, either on a contract basis or in a permanent position. If I can help you out in either capacity, drop me a line and we’ll chat.

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And just for the heck of it, l’ll leave you with one of my favourite quotes.

To write as if your life depended on it: to write across the chalkboard, putting up there in public words you have dredged, sieved up from dreams, from behind screen memories, out of silence—words you have dreaded and needed in order to know you exist.
— Adrienne Rich - What Is Found There: Notebooks on Poetry and Politics