Waterworth - Sample Blog Posts

Ghost-written blog posts published under the Waterworth CEO’s byline.

Dyspatch - Sample Thought Leadership Articles

Ghost-written thought leadership articles published under the Dyspatch CEO’s byline, some as guest blog posts, others in third-party publications (then subsequently posted on the company blog).

Dyspatch - Video Scripts

Dyspatch - Sample White Papers

See all white papers and webinars here.

Dyspatch - Sample Blog Posts

The Transactional Email Hall of Fame / Hall of Shame was a monthly blog feature that ran from August 2018 until April 2019. It was a lot of fun and turned out to be a healthy little lead magnet.

AbeBooks - Sample Features / Landing Pages

AbeBooks - Sample Blog Posts

AbeBooks - Sample Newsletters

AbeBooks - Technical Writing Samples

Technical writing samples can be found here.